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charger for a phone 2011/1/29 15:52
Hi; I have a problem with my phone (samsung 730 SC). contacts in a phone are broken, so I cannot charge it anymore. I will not buy a new phone because I'm leaving Japan in 5 weeks, so it does not make sense.
Does anyone knows if it is possible to buy a charger where I can insert battery only? I mean instead of charging phone I would like to charge only battery.
by klaudyna83  

Suggestion 2011/1/30 19:05
I do not know where you can buy a charger for the battery.
But you might go to an telephone shop and ask if they have a not-working phone that still can charge. Maybe even another phone that uses the same battery. Maybe they sell the phone for a low price.
And if you are in Tokyo you might go to akihabara and see if there is a handy guy that is able to repair your phone.
B. Slager
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