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EMS Japan 2011/1/31 03:27
Hello , i just bought a item in Ebay. The seller contact me and the item was sent by EMS Japan Post (the locaton of the seller is Tokyo). I track the ship and it says from a few days ago : Dispatch from outward office of exchange.
What it means? The article left Japan? Or the item passed to japanese custom house?
Thank you
by Fraaan (guest)  

... 2011/1/31 08:58
From what it sounds like, yes I believe it must have left Japan. When it is sent FROM Japan, it does not spend any time in Japanese customs; it will be inspected at the recipient's country upon arrival.
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ems 2011/1/31 12:52
What it means? The article left Japan?

Yes, the item has left Japan. Note that from this point the package is in the hands of your local postal carrier, so you will no longer be able to track it on the Japanese postal website. Don't be surprised if the tracking information is not updated again until after you receive the item.
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ems 2011/1/31 22:38
thanks you! i only have to wait , and i hope have no problems with my local mail or customs :D
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ems 2011/2/1 19:23
Even after leaving Japan you will receive some updates. It will usually mention when the package arraves at the inward office of exchange and when it leaves that place again. Major hubs in between the port of arrival and destination will also show up using the Japanese postal tracking page. I send EMS packages very often because of work and this is my experience.
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updates 2011/2/3 09:41
It's good to hear that some countries provide tracking updates. Unfortunately that hasn't been my experience (shipping mostly to North America, Asia, Europe), but I'm sure it depends a lot on the country that you are shipping to and how well they communicate with Japan Post. Hopefully you will receive tracking updates, but on the other hand I wouldn't be too alarmed if you don't.
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EMS 2011/2/4 05:04
i've reciebed my item yesterday.
thank you forall the info :)
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