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Bars with Pool table(s) 2011/1/31 10:27


Is it common for bars or pubs in Tokyo to have Pool tables? I love playing Pool and drinking at the same time. Pool is also one way of socialising and meeting new friends since i am travelling alone. Is it also easy to make new friends in tokyo bars? esp the women?
by alex (guest)  

. 2011/1/31 22:33

I'm afraid it is not common for bars or pubs in Tokyo to have Pool tables, and in the rare ones that have them, they do not necessarily work as a devise for socialising or meeting new friends. But if you go to the right bars, you can strike up a safe conversation with strangers just by having a drink at the bar counter, even if you're a women. Ask at your accomodation for recommendations.

Keep in mind that not many locals speak English, though. But then, I'm not a foreign traveler in Tokyo. I'm a Japanese women who was born and raised there.
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Yes there are pool tables 2011/2/4 04:10

We went to Japan this time last year and found a superb pool hall in a basement in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. It is situated under the Hello Kitty shop, which is the largest in the world.

It was fairly quiet when we were there, but they have loads of pool tables, a great bar, and even darts.

The link below will guide you to the Hello Kitty shop and then you can easily find it from there.


Good luck and have a great trip - we loved it!

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.. 2011/2/5 05:45
The name of the bar mentioned above is Bagus:

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