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English Premier League 2011/2/2 08:27
Hi all,

are the EPL matches shown 'LIVE' in Japan? Are they free or pay per view? Which channels hv the LIVE matches if there is and do bars show the matches?
by rednaxelA  

Sky perfect 2011/2/2 19:07
Are you living in Japan? or just on holiday? if your living there you need sky perfect (google it) if your just on holiday then maybe check out some English pubs.

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Chelsea Fan 2011/2/2 20:15
Hi LB,

I will be on holiday to Japan this Friday and the interesting match between chelsea and Liverpool is this Sunday. I need to watch it. U a Chelsea fan too?

Good choice! hahaha
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TV in hotel possibly available 2011/2/3 05:47
Going see at a sports bar is a good idea but it'd be better to check out the closing time on Sunday of the bar you're going to as the match will be aired after midnight - 1:00 AM Japan time (Monday).

Another option. I suppose there should be many hotels providing a satellite TV service. You can ask your hotel whether sky perfect TV or J sports plus (covering sky perfect) is available in your room.

It must be definitely exciting match between Torres and Chelsea vs Liverpool!!
Don't miss it!
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