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Maneko Cats 2011/2/3 10:44
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know any shops/department stores/showrooms where I can purchase an originally made in japan of these locally in Tokyo. I was thinking of the Diamaru department store near Tokyo Station they would stock various ones???

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Maneki Neko 2011/2/3 17:53
Do you mean Maneki Neko? See this similar thread:

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same poster 2011/2/3 17:57
Sorry, I just realized that you are the author of both threads.

Maneki Neko aren't too difficult to find, but I would expect to find them at Daimaru. The best selection I've seen was at a shop along Nakamise Dori in Asakusa that specialized in all kinds of Maneki Neko. I think it was on the left about halfway down the street after you've passed under the Kaminarimon. There were tons of other stores that sold Maneki Neko around there as well in all different mediums and sizes.

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Thank You! 2011/2/4 08:49
Many thanks for the all the info...I really appreciate all the details you have provided & directions. I'm sure I will find it very difficult to decide which one to buy as there are millions of different designs. Looks like I'll be walking for hours & hours, what fun I'll have!!! :0)
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