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Fashion in the Tokai Area 2011/2/4 09:18
I am interested in learning about the fashion scene in the tokai area, especially Nagoya brands. If anyone considers themselves a Tokai area expert on:

1) Local brands/fashion labels
2) Fashion shows
3) Fashion/Design schools
4) Fashion districts
5) Other fashion information

Please post your information! There is a lot published on Tokyo and other areas, but I believe the Tokai area has something cool to offer the world too... only I can't seem to find it. Yoroshiku!
by Bucci  

fashion 2011/2/4 12:36

not "Miss Nagoya"
"Nagoya-jo[名古屋(嬢)]" correct!
castle samesounds -jo[名古屋(城)]

Nagoya-jo(girls) only in Nagoya mostly(not widely).
Tokai means wide, other areas not copy,
bc this trend "Fake of celb girls fashons" from like "Paris Hilton".

嬢(jo) means born as "daughter" of a high-class family,
but loves "Nagoya-jo" fashion as not real-celeb.
So, just copy fashion, real smart women not thinking.

is that so?
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