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where to meet? 2011/2/11 22:58
Hello, I'm a Japanese girl and I live in Japan, Kansai area. I have a question for you guys who have lived in Japan. Where do you think I could meet foreigners except clubs and bars? I don't like meeting boys in those places because there are so many one night stand type. Also, I dont use online meeting sites. So except those options, do you think there is any particular place to meet foreign guys in Japan?
by J-girl (guest)  

. 2011/2/12 20:37
many cities offer 'free volunteer japanese lessons' for residents. Why dont you join and be a volunteer...maybe you can meet someone interesting.

or go to and type in your interests and location. and maybe you can meet up with girls and guys and perhaps find new activity partners and friends, meeting a group from online is safer than 1 person.

otherwise, maybe your chances are slim. you could always go to a sports gym, or library, or mall, or kuyakusho and talk to random guys if you are not shy person. Just say you ant to practice your english...

But there's rarely any place to talk to foreigners for 'picking them up as boyfriend' unless it is bar or club.

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ふーん 2011/2/14 01:40


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cafe 2011/2/16 21:11
Back in my country people usually meet at the coffee house like starbucks. Maybe you could chat there and the ambiance is great too.
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. 2011/2/17 00:48

Are you saying you want to meet males your age but not at clubs? How about church?
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thanks 2011/2/18 00:07
Thanks for the advice everyone!

I guess I'll try cafe or resturant in Osaka city. I'm not shy but It's a little weird if girl goes to talk to guy in cafe lol So its still difficult but worth to do it...hmm I don't think I'd feel confortable in church..I'm not religious at all. but sport gym sounds good! I actually need to work out too. anyway thanks for all the comments!
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