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calling to Singapore cellular from Japan 2011/2/14 03:26

I am from malaysia and I need to call back my boyfriend in Singapore.

May i know what is the cheapest way that i can call back to my boyfriend in Singapore ? We normally will chat about 15 mins to 20 mins. help,please
by dadakee  

. 2011/2/14 18:04
skype monthly
no limit 690yen/month
only domestic charge,international charge free
by . (guest) rate this post as useful 2011/2/15 03:20
do u hv english version ?

with this calling card, i able to use my mobile phone( Malaysia line) from Japan to Singapore ?

how about connection fee ?
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. 2011/2/15 10:32
1.Call to Access Number (ex.Tokyo 03-5539-9336)
2.Push 65(Singapore) + Phone Number+ #
No calling card needed

your mobile--(Pay)--Tokyo--(Free)--singapore mobile

check your carrier roaming rates
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Calling Card, Softphone, Smartphone 2011/2/18 12:23
Use prepaid calling cards to make your calls. And since you have access to the internet, use VoIP services like softphone. Or better use smartphone applications in your mobile phone for more convenience.

Try Pingo with its cheapest rate of 1.8cents per minute especially for softphone.
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