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Minnie...online shopping 2011/2/15 01:28
2 random questions:

1. Where in Disneyland (not Disney Sea) will I be able to see and capture a photo moment with Minnie? Is there any area where she "loiters"? Mickey can be found in his home but Minnie wasn't in hers! My distraught 3 year old is dragging us back there to look for Minnie after finding her house empty last March :s

2. Is it acceptable to both merchants eg amazon japan, rakuten and hotels for travelers to purchase online and have the orders delivered to the hotels? We do that q often when traveling in US.

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Online shopping 2011/2/16 22:57
Online shopping and delivery to hotels is no problem. Just inform the staff at reception you expect a delivery and you should be fine. I also had stuff send from department stores to my hotel, to avoid carrying around too much.

As for Minnie Mouse, no guarantees, but according to a quick search on Internet, you are most likely to run into her around 14:00 in Toon Town or at the entrance in afternoon
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Advanced delivery? 2011/2/17 16:12
thanks for your reply!

re: online shopping
I'll be leaving for Japan in 5 days and if I were to shop online, I'd be doing it at home now. Would the hotels mind holding my purchases till I get there? I'm thinking of having it sent to my Tokyo accomodation where I'll only arrive in March (ample time for delivery)

re: minnie
i'll try googling more for Minnie's whereabouts! Thanks!
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Delivery 2011/2/18 22:50
I googled in Japanese, not sure if you'll be able to find info in other language on Minnie.

Delivery in Japan is usually the next day. It's really fast and punctual, you can designate the time you want to receive a delivery, unless an item is out of stock. For an extra fee Amazon Japan even offers same day delivery. You should be able to purchase before you depart and have it delivered on the day you arrive. I wouldn't have it delivered more than a day in advance to be considerate to hotel staff.
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