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jingumae street in omotesando dori? 2011/2/15 14:58
Hi! Am wondering if there is a Jingumae street around Omotesando-dori? Am trying to pin down where exactly is Maisen Tonkatsu 4-8-5 Jingumae but can't seem to find any detailed map with the word Jingumae on it. And when I search Google map using landmarks like La Foret at 1-11-16 Jingumae and Gold's Gym at 4-3-2 Jingumae---I find them to be not on the same street at all although they share the same jingumae address. Can anyone please clarify this for me? Thanks!
by olivia (guest)  

... 2011/2/15 15:11
Japan's address system does not use streets. Most streets do not even have names. Jingu-mae is a district.

4-8-5 Jingumae is centered on the following map:
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followup 2011/2/15 22:05
Ok, thanks so much for the clarification. I guess it would really be hard to look for a specific address in Jingumae without any known landmarks right beside it. Thanks again!
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location 2011/2/16 09:21
That's pretty much how it is with any address in Japan, not only Jingumae. That's why people here usually take a map of the place they are going to or provide landmarks when giving directions to anywhere here- the actual address is much less helpful when finding a place.
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follow-up 2011/2/16 13:24
Thanks for you tip, Sira. That's what I will do--print a copy of the map with name and address in Japanese, so easier to ask around so we don't get lost and waste precious time:)
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location 2011/2/17 18:27
this is the exact location of maisen...

take the A2 exit from Omotesando station.
Take a right turn off the main road just before the hospital, then go straight past FCUK, at the end of the road turn left, then immediately right, then go straight it is just before family mart.
It is written as とんかつまい線 on google maps.(but writing disappears on maximum zoom?)
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oh... 2011/2/17 18:34
sorry I meant AFTER family mart but before 7eleven (they are both famous convenience stores, sure you will recognise them after just a day in Japan)
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follow-up 2011/2/18 11:43
thanks so much, gilesdesign, we really want to try the much-raved it a very long walk after exiting A2?
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map 2011/2/18 15:15
I have never been, just using google maps.
Did you check the link to the map I sent?
Google maps shows it as 3 min walk from exit A2 to maisen.
open google maps in a fresh page and just write "omotesando japan" then the station area should come up automatically, then click "get directions tab". Then input the route by right mouse clicking & choose "Directions from here" over the start point (A2 exit), then do the same right click and choose "Directions to here" when cursor is over the end point (shown in the link I sent).
It gives turn by turn directions in english, very easy no japanese required.
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follow-up 2011/3/5 14:36
thank you Gilesdesign--for also showing me how to use googlemaps properly. I usually just scroll the map. Never knew it could also show those info.
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