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Temple bracelets? 2011/2/15 19:02
My friend was in Japan and bought some very nice buddhism bracelets from a temple (Kofukuji or Sofukuji).
I was wondering if someone knows where one can buy these temple bracelets?
Is there a giftshop I can contact?
Is there a manufacturar that makes braceletes for all the temples?
Thank you very much for your time/help
Sandro, Stockholm Sweden.
by Sandro (guest)  

Temple bracelets? 2011/2/16 08:31
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hm.. 2011/2/16 14:44
Thank you for answering.
I now that, all though I'm interested in braceletes specifically from japanese temples. But if they also are made in China and someone knows the manufacturer, please let me know. Thank you :)
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