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Buying plant/gardening stuff in Tokyo 2011/2/17 23:34
Currently I am traveling in Tokyo and would like to buy some plant/flower/seeds/gardening stuff for my garden. Where can I find them?

Beside, I am looking for rain chain also. Any idea where can I buy one?
by Annette T  

where 2011/2/18 16:39
Where in Tokyo?

Can you read japanese or get by with google translate?
If so..
try this link has lots of garden shops listed for shibuya, setagaya etc.

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good question 2011/2/19 08:44
I was looking for similar garden items on my last trip. Here's what I found. A lot of the cool garden instruments and seeds you can find them at several home centers or home centaa like Home's and Cainz. I forgot the names of some other ones. The real copper rain chain, I did not find, so probably a more specialized shop.
They do carry plastic imitations at these home centers. They are a lot cheaper than copper and good for me.
If you're in California or the State you can buy them at Soko hardware in San Furan and Hida Tools in Berkeley. The price is about double in Japan though.
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. 2011/2/19 13:37
Annette T,

Gardening material and home appliances are more abundant and cheaper in the subburbs. So central Tokyo is not the best place to look for them.
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Plants, etc. 2011/2/21 06:42
You had better check with Customs since it may be illegal to bring in plants/flowers/seeds.
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