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Japanese cell phone in Malaysia? 2011/2/18 02:18
I watch a a lot of videos about japanese cell phone on youtube and i'm interested to buy one. Is Japanese cell phone is sold in Malaysia?
by Saiful Juhanas  

it will not work 2011/2/19 00:08
japanese phone are lock to each company Softbank, AU, Docomo) provider, which mean phone can only be used within same company. So Softbank phone can only use Softbank lines/SIM , cannot use AU or Docomo.
The phone system here is not like in Malaysia where you can simply buy any phone you like and put in new SIM card.
The only way to use it is by "unlocking" the phone, even then only 3G phone can be use,(especially those that can roam int'l)
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white rom 白ロム 2011/2/19 00:12
oh yes..you can check this site for 2nd hand phone ''white rom 白ロム携帯電話''

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Akihabara 2011/2/23 08:47
There are a few shops that sell the Softbank 740SC phone new, SIM unlocked for 10,000-13,000 yen.

They are triband GSM (even though GSM is not used in Japan) and 2100MHz 3G.
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