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Customs 2011/2/21 06:22
Hey there,
I'm heading to Japan in March (not long now!!!!!) and I'm starting to think of presents I can get myself and other people to bring back, and was just wondering if anyone knew of anything specific that they couldnt bring back (other than the obvious live animals/plants).
The objects I'm wondering about are hand held fans, nick nack from temples/shrines/ (are these normally hand made?), green tea leaves, spices.
I dont really want to spend a bit of money on some nice stuff to have it taken away from me at the airport =(.

Thanks in advance!
by Imperfect  

. 2011/2/21 11:06
It is up to the customs in your country, not Japan.
Check out their official website which should have a list of prohibited items to be brought into our country.
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... 2011/2/21 13:57
Sorry, meant to say I will be leaving and returning too Australia. I can't seem to find any definate information on what can return to Australia, only on what can not be taken into Japan.
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What you can't bring to Australia 2011/2/21 14:07
Here's a link to the AQIS website which should answer all of your questions.

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... 2011/2/21 14:58
Thats exactly what I was looking for. Must have eluded me in my searches.

Thank you!
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