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best chocolates in Japan 2011/2/25 00:25
Hi, i once heard from a radio channel introducing a japan's chocolate and the DJ keep saying that everytime he visits japan, he will buy the chocolate back home.

can anyone tell me what is the best cvhocolate in town? i will be visiitng tokyo and where in tokyo i can find some good chocolates? are they expensive?

by kooks  

... 2011/2/25 05:31
The best Japanese chocolates I have had so far were from Mont St. Clair in Jiyugaoka. They are expensive:
by Uji rate this post as useful

... 2011/2/25 05:32
Here are some pictures of the chocolate:
by Uji rate this post as useful

chocolate 2011/2/26 11:31
The chocolates here are very good. Maybe you should bring your favorite chocolate bar and compare with the chocolate bars you'll find in the convenience stores. You don't need to get the expensive ones, but you can also try the pastry shops in dept stores with all their great chocolate desserts.
by guest (guest) rate this post as useful

YUM!! 2011/2/26 20:49
Uji's link looks amazing!!
We have found all chocolates in Japan are VERY good...and we have tried lots......and lots.....
by fmj rate this post as useful

Some options 2011/2/27 00:13
Mont St. Clair in Jiyugaoka. They are expensive:

It's news to me that there is another "tasteful" shop of sweets in "Jiyugaoka" ("u" is prolonged). I know a similar older confectioner, also of a French name: Mont-Blanc. This shop offers fresh chocolate in winter, but I have never tasted it.
These two are located on the same side but to different directions of Jiyugaoka Station on Tokyu lines. Mont St. Clair will be closed on Wednesdays in this march. Mont-Blanc may be closed on Tuesday.

i once heard from a radio channel introducing a japan's chocolate
where in tokyo i can find some good chocolates? are they expensive?

Products available at confectioners on busy streets (like the two mentioned above) tend to be expensive.
Among Japan-based chocolate companies, Morozoff and Mary Chocolate are my favorites. (I can name another but it runs shops in Hokkaido.)
Many department stores / supermarkets in Tokyo have shops of the both.
e.g. Seibu and Tobu in Ikebukuro; Isetan, Keio and Odakyu in Shinjuku, Matsuzakaya in Ueno.
Morozoff also runs a shop in Tokyo Station. Mary (pronounced in Japanese like "merry") also runs a shop in Haneda Airport (Domestic Terminal 1 bldg.).

can anyone tell me what is the best chocolate in town?

That's a difficult question. It depends on persons and here are many manufacturers in Japan making various kinds of chocolate products.

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.. 2011/2/27 14:51
Try Royce chocolate:

They are the best in Japan.
by Tokyonet (guest) rate this post as useful

! 2011/2/28 07:06
Royce chocolate for the win! I was about to post about this Hokkaido chocolate that was ridic. good....but I couldn't remember what it was called - and then I saw the post above mine and was like - Thats what it was called! It's really good, soft, melt-in-ur-mouth, rich (but not too much so) chocolate. Def. worth traveling to Sapporo to get!
by Chiisa na Koi no Uta (guest) rate this post as useful

. 2011/2/28 07:54
Royce chocolate is available at almost all airports in Japan. No need to go to Sapporo :-)
by Tokyonet (guest) rate this post as useful

Meiji Chocolate 2011/3/3 10:13
Do you know Meiji Chocolate? I like their chocoleates. It is cheap starting from around 100 yen. Try Meiji Macadamia nuts chocholate.

You can buy it any convinent stores in Japan.
by flower27 rate this post as useful

Royce 2011/3/3 10:52
I agree. I also bought Royce chocolate at the airport as present. And my family and friends really liked it.. Just check the price at their web site..
by ashley1 rate this post as useful

Royce.... 2011/3/9 16:31
milk choco potato chips....the dogs balls.
by sapporo99 (guest) rate this post as useful

Meiji rules 2011/3/10 19:16
We LOVE Meiji chocolates. They are very yummy, and cheap, and in all the combini: We had them in our day packs every day, and it was our "bed time treat" every night..we love chocolate...
by fmj rate this post as useful

royce raw chocolates 2011/3/11 01:44
actually royce can be bought in KL, at isetan KLCC top floor where the supermarket it. The shop is just outside and also at tropicana complex in PJ. Price is almost 2 times the price in hokkaido. in chitose (sapporo) airport the price is about 620Yen (25RM, and same in other places out of airport (in japan most prices do not vary from airport to other shops!).
But in Malaysia the royce is about RM50!
by TJH (guest) rate this post as useful

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