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Must Buys in Japan 2011/2/25 09:57
Hi everyone,

Me, my partner and our two good friends are heading to Japan in April staying 9 days. 3 days in Tokyo, 3 days in Kyoto, 1 night in Hiroshima and then 2 Days at Tokyo Disneyland hotel.

I have everything sorted out, accommodation is booked, railpass ready, trains organised, tours booked and places to see and visited within a checklist.

Now my question is what are the must buys in Japan, what are the things you should purchase to take home with you to remember your trip?? What did everyone else purchase while on their holiday. I just want to have an idea as to what i should get and what not to waste money on, what kind of souvenirs did everyone purchase for friends and family??

Any advice or just letting me know your own purchases while over there may give me a better understanding as to what to buy for myself and friends and family.

OUr budget just for shopping, entry fees to temples, food and drinks for two is $AUD 3500. Will this be sufficient??

Thanking you all in advance :)
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gifts 2011/2/25 14:24
There is no such a thing as a MUST buy..it all depends on what you like and what you can afford.
A friend of mine wanted to buy a "real kimono"..until she found that the one she really, really, really liked would cost, without accessories, about $ US 15000..(they are custom made)..nd she wouldn't be able to wear it at home. So she bought a .very nice looking yukata for $ 40 that she uses to relax at home.

I always buy architectural magazines (they cost about $ 25 each) ...only a few due to their weight..I also bought once a small Torii and 2 small foxes at the Kyoto Fushimi Inari shrine...not expensive at all and I love looking at them..
Big department stores have a big choice of chopsticks..Some are very unusual..

Fans are also a good souvenir, along with candies...unusual T-shirts... Noren (curtains used in an open doorway)..tea mugs..

I would love to buy the food replicas in wax one sees in restaurants windows but they are quite expensive...

Sorry..I have no clue about the worth of an Australian $... can't help you there..

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Re: Must Buys 2011/2/26 00:20
My recommendation would be to try to find some handcrafted souvenirs of places you visit that you enjoyed seeing. That way if you give it to a friend you can add a personal story about why and where you bought it. Souvenirs are plentiful everywhere you go in Japan. Many are imported from China now, but some are made in Japan. Usually small wooden souvenirs are domestically made, but there are no guarantees. General Japanese souvenirs that are nice and often locally made are wooden Kokeshi dolls, but some can be rather expensive, something like $35 US. Good luck charms and keychains made of metal, wood or plastic (again, mostly made in China) are also relativey cheap souvenirs to give to casual friends. On your way home, buying Japanese sweets at the airport are another nice gift idea.
I noticed you are going to Tokyo Disney, one of my favorites, and recommend souvenirs from the two parks. Most items sold at Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea are only available in Japan, so almost everything would be special if you are a Disneyphile. I picked up small 1/64th scale Tomica Brand models of most of the attraction rides, about $ 8 US and some Disney Pins unique to the parks. (The Japanese do not seem to be as into pin collecting as those of us from the US.) Most Disney items are made in China. Hope this information helps. Enjoy your trip!
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What do you like? 2011/3/6 14:22
When I go to japan I buy jigsaw puzzles. Fabulous Disney ones I can't get in Australia...1000 pc puzzle equals just under 1kg in luggage...so that's what I love to get...I also love getting coffee travel mugs, I have some gorgeous one from Disneyland and I get a lot of joy using different ones each day, brings back the happy memories.

Otherwise there is a large souvenir place accessible in Harajuku for the standard dolls, shirts tea cups yukatas.

As for money, staying locally in Tokyo and paying for all trains entry to places and meals for the day we budget $50AU per person...we happily eat at local places and don't drink alcohol so that may effect your budget.

Disneyland is awesome fun the rides and the shopping.

Have a grate trip
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