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Shipping chocolates from Japan to U.S.? 2011/2/27 11:43
United States
I will be traveling from next week through Japan. Some friends back home in California wanted the regional Kit Kat chocolates and so on.

Is it allowed or restricted to send back a box of chocolates from Japan to the United States via EMS shipping? Should I be aware of listing it on the form as something else other than ''Chocolate'' (i.e. should I put ''Candy'' or something else instead)?

Thanks in advance.
by WongJP  

. 2011/2/27 14:43
You can ship chocolate without a problem.
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... 2011/2/27 15:04
But you should cool the chocolate during the summer months.
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Thanks :-) 2011/2/27 15:06
Thanks for the tips!

I was concerned that customs does not allow chocolates to either get sent (from Japan) or received (in the U.S.) Sounds like it's good to go though. Thanks again :)
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no problems 2011/2/28 11:05
My GF just shipped me some on Valentines Day. Never been a problem. no worries
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