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Buying Acros film in smaller towns? 2011/2/28 00:43
Would it be possible to pick up Fuji Acros in 135 and 120 format in smaller cities of Japan? I assume that it is still possible to pick it up in the larger cities at Big Camera and Yodobashi shops, etc, but I will spend two weeks on the Sea of Japan coast (west) and am limited by what I can carry on.
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possible but difficult 2011/3/4 17:49
Better small camera and film developing stores do carry Fuji Acros in both sizes, but I don't think you'll be able to reliably find stores that carry it while travelling. I had similar problems obtaining specific films in the past and it was quite a bit of trouble to find places that carried what I wanted. Also you can expect the prices to be higher at the smaller stores.

Instead I would bring as much as you can with you, and/or send some ahead to your hotels along the way. You can also order online and have it delivered to your hotels.

You can find it online here:


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Re: Buying Acros film in smaller towns? 2011/3/5 03:45
Thanks, buying on-line in Japan is a good idea and shipping; I can ship it to my parents in law. Should have thought of that myself. Cheers.
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