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Eating alone 2011/3/1 16:03
How easy is it to eat alone in Japan? Does the restaurant cater to solo diner for dinner? I have no trouble eating alone anywhere, but I get the feeling some restaurants might not like solo diner? My plan is to eat something good at least one meal per day (5000-10000 yen). Is sitting at the bar/counter the best bet? This is my first trip to Japan alone and I would like to try all the best foods in Japan.
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. 2011/3/1 16:46
You'll have no problem at all to dine alone at any restaurants in Japan.
Enjoy your meal! :)
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You should be fine 2011/3/1 16:54
The majority of my dining in Tokyo (about a month) was alone and I never had any problem, even when I went to the more family style dining establishments; but I never spent more than 3000 yen on a single meal, so I can't advise as far as that.
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no problem, but sounds expensive 2011/3/1 18:27
no problem to eat alone but your budget sounds very high for being solo, if you were with a partner even that would be expensive.

i think you'll end up with a lot of unfinished food on your plate.

if you like ramen/tsukemen/udon, i'd guess most customers go to places like that alone.

if you go to a classy italian/french etc. restaurant you may feel a little odd being alone since most of the people around you will have dates or business partners/coworkers with them..!

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apologetic face and index finger 2011/3/1 18:55
As you enter just put on your best apologetic face and hold a single index finger in the air like you are hesitantly asking a question.
you don't have to feel apologetic really and the staff don't care, it's like being in a strange play where everyone acts emotions that nobody feels.
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Safer to sit at table 2011/3/1 20:01

There should be no problem eating alone.

As for seating, some restaurants insist you sit at a certain place while others let you sit anywhere you like. Usually you will notice by their gesture after you put up that index finger.

Where you are free to sit anywhere, quite often the understanding is that those who sit at the bar counter are those know the deal, so to speak. For example, at an authentic sushi bar, when you sit at the counter you don't order a set menu. You order a la carte, and you are expected to pay whatever the chef charges you at the end. That's the sofisticated style of dining at a sushi bar.

So it might be safer to sit at one of the smaller tables. Sometimes it can be a previlage to be invited to the counter, unless it's an underground bar trying to rip you off!
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sodane 2011/3/2 03:43
Do you want to eat a high price?Or, do you want to eat the gastronomic culture in Japan?If it can be taught to me, can a little good answer be done?The food cost at least becomes 1/5. The Kobe cow excluding.
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