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shibuya crossing 2011/3/4 00:20

My friends and i are looking to see the shibuya crossing at night and watch all the people go by maybe vist 109. Is 9pm to late to go?
by Kylie (guest)  

... 2011/3/4 07:57
Shibuya 109 closes at 21:00. You better arrive a little earlier:
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crossing 2011/3/4 16:01
Ginza as a similar crossing and so do other areas.
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similar crossings 2011/3/4 16:53
But the other large crossing around Tokyo lack the iconic crowds and mass crossings that make Shibuya special. Plus its active until rather late at night so it shouldn't be difficult to get over to see. Just plan to go earlier if you want to shop as well.
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too late 2011/3/4 19:43
9pm is a bit late; go earlier around 7pm and if you want an extra huge crowd check it out on a friday or saturday night, the crowds are incredible. it may be difficult to get seats at the starbucks that overlooks the crossing; it's a busy place.
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QFRONT instead? 2011/3/4 21:12

The Hachiko crossing in Shibuya is more crowded and exciting during rush hours which is around 6-7 pm.

If you can't get there before the closing time at 109 (which is in front of the second exciting crossing in Shibuya), you can always shop for CDs and DVDs at Tsutaya inside the QFRONT building right across the Hachiko crossing, and then try to get a spot near the window at the Starbucks there.

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inside the station 2011/3/6 07:46
we took some fun video footage of the crossing from inside the Shibuya station, overlooking the Hachiko statue, and the crossing
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starbucks 2011/3/7 12:06
Note that Starbucks strictly monitors their view overlooking the crossing. The seats are obviously only open to customers, and you are not supposed to take pictures (they have staff specifically watching for that). Its a great view otherwise, and you might be able to take a stealth picture if you really want to try, just make sure to make the first one count as you may not get a second chance.
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... 2011/3/7 17:49
To get an idea how the view from Starbucks looks google on "startbucks shibuya". Seeing it yourself is always better than thru the eyes of soembody else.

I am just wondering why Starbucks/Shibuya does not allow to take pictures (not from the inside)?
B. Slager
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