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iPhone app for JR train schedules 2011/3/5 08:13
Is there any good iPhone app that downloads the database of JR train schedules/timetables? I want something that I can use offline (since actually it will be on an iPod touch). It would be nice if it was in English too ...
by sprinke (guest)  

Try this... 2011/3/6 02:12
...found it on the Hyperdia website.

Unfortunately, it is for the iPhone or iPad.

You may also want to check out the Jorudan website, especially the NorikaeAnnai MacX app, which works on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It may only be available in Japanese, though. If found it here:

or this link for mobile:
by geogeek1 rate this post as useful

no connection 2011/3/6 05:26
Hyperdia looks fantastic, but unfortunately it says that you need to be connected to the internet to use it. I need something that works offline.
by sprinke (guest) rate this post as useful

Another possibility... 2011/3/7 01:11

It's in Japanese. You might try Google, if this doesn't work for you.
by geogeek1 rate this post as useful

train schedules 2011/3/7 13:17
Hyperdia has the best English user interface and extra information (train interval schedules for example). This would be my app of choice if it didn't require a monthly/yearly subscription charge

If you have a basic grasp of Japanese than the free Yahoo train schedule app works well and thats the app I use on a daily basis. I've also tried the navitime and jorudan apps, but didn't like either for one reason or another.

BUT... they all require an internet connection to use, and after a quick search I'm not finding any that download the database to your device (it may not even be allowed by the terms of use of the schedules)
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

Pocket WIFI 2011/3/7 19:50
You could look into renting a pocket WIFI device. Then you'll be able to connect to Internet on your IPod anywhere you can get a cellphone signal. It's not cheap, but the convenience it provides might be worth it to you.You can connect multiple devices at once. There are many threads about such devices on this forum.
by Nigo (guest) rate this post as useful

trains.jpNet 2011/3/8 22:35
Found an app called trains.jpNet. It gives you offline train route info only for Kanto area, no timetables or any other info though. It's in English.
by Nigo (guest) rate this post as useful

Japanese train times app! JR and private 2011/6/16 04:55
There is an app in android market, gives times,cost,distance and maps of districts. works excellent on HTC Desire.
internet connection NOT needed, just a mobile connection, also app saves ur searches incase no connection at all.
by tinkinhood (guest) rate this post as useful

android app 2011/6/16 11:22
It might be helpful to post the name of the app so android users can find it.

internet connection NOT needed, just a mobile connection

That sounds like it does need to be connect to the internet to use (btw, a mobile DATA connection is an internet connection via the cell network). Because if it needs mobile data to work then it severely limits the usefulness of the app when travelling in Japan.
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

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