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Where to buy comb / hair brush 2011/3/5 15:53
I've been in Tokyo (Ueno) for a week now and have traveling around a bit but I haven't found any shops that sell comb's or hair brushes.

Even the local pharmacy doesn't stock them..

If anyone can point me to any shops in Tokyo (I don't mind traveling) I would appreciate it.
by Martin (guest)  

?? 2011/3/5 18:55

I don't know about pharmacies, but I've never had trouble finding them at what we call "drug store"s where they also sell cosmetics and other daily supplies. Otherwise, I find them at supermarkets.
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hard 2011/3/5 20:45
it can be hard to find hairbrushes - i was looking for one recently and nowhere seemed to sell them!

i eventually found some in a drug store like matsumoto kiyoshi and i have also seen some in 400yen/700yen shops around harajuku.

i believe you said you're in ueno, check the shops around ameyoko, i'm certain one of the shops around there will have hair brushes.
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Just a thought 2011/3/5 23:22

By the way, what does your accomodation host say? Hotels usually are supposed to provide free plastic combs or sometimes even brushes, and if not, they should know where you can buy one.
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