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Where to buy a compass? 2011/3/5 19:14
Hey guys!

I am currently in Japan and would like to buy a compass (could also be a vintage one) for a friend. But so far I couldnLt get much information about where I could find them (in and near Tokyo)...

I would be grateful for every response! Thank you very much!

by Mandy (guest)  

Which compass? 2011/3/6 00:53
Presumably you mean an instrument for finding direction, right? If so, of which type?
A mariner's compass is somtimes called " j rashin-ban" or " jV rashin-gi" in Japanese.
A portable compass composed of a thin magnetic needle and a small cylinder case is often called " ʎ houi-jishaku" or " ʎj houi-jishin" in Japanese.
Or, do you mean an instrument used for drawing circles?

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... 2011/3/6 22:22
Ahh, didnLt know there were so many meanings to this word. Sorry. I meant ʎ. Thank you for that question. I just learned a new word! :)

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compass 2011/3/7 11:59
I assume you mean a compass for finding direction? They are available at outdoor and sports shops such as L-Breath, Wild One, and Sports Himaraya. L-breath has an outlet next to Shinjuku station for example. They tend to carry modern models with the typical North East South West markings, but I've also seen cheap ones at 100 yen stores with kanji markings for the directions.
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... 2011/3/7 17:57
The last time (last year) i forgot to bring my compass (to find direction). No problem in a 100Yen shop i found an inexpensive keyring with compass and the compass worked quite well (that is getting the general direction of the north).

Also keep in mind that for a lot of smartphones (like Android devices) you can get (free) apps to change your phone (or tablet) into a compass.

B. Slager

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