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Make-up for dark skin in Japan? 2011/3/6 04:13

Does anyone know where you can purchase makeup for darker skin (I'm black) in the Tokyo area (not including the military bases)? I'm guessing you must be able to get it at some specialty store but if anyone has an specific information/locations to share, I would appreciate it!

Thank you!
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Try MAC outlets? 2011/3/6 12:29
Just looked the MAC Japan site, and it seemed to have the full range of shades....not that I read Japanese at all, but the full range was on the site
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... 2011/3/6 16:16
I found something in Don Qui Xote.

Its BYS Baked high shine bronzer. Color- #01 Luminous tan.

Im not really dark. Not light skinned either though. and this one is perfect for me. they have different shades, so you can try what fits on your skin with the testers.

There is also Guerlain Terracotta (Light). you wanna try #02 or 04.

you can search on yahoo japan auctions or Rakuten, or maybe amazon japan. They should have in shops too because its a major brand. If all else fails ship from overseas.

I ordered mine on yahoo japan action. you search in japanese: テッラコッタ ライト ブロンジングパウダー

(terracotta light blushing powder)

and i forgot katanaka for Guerlain.

But I figured something in japan existed, because we have the Ganguro and Yamanba wearing make up darker than me. so use what they use.
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Thanks 2011/3/8 02:54
Thanks everyone, good advice! I knew about that Ganguro but I read that it had gone out of style so I wasn't sure if anything would be available and also, I couldn't find anything about the makeup that they use. I would say I'm medium complexion as well, so hopefully these colors will work for me. I was just trying to get a sense of what's available and this is all really helpful!
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. 2011/3/8 07:23
you can find random people still dressing like that in shinjuku and shibuya. so even if its not major fashion, its still around.
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. 2011/3/8 07:27
find some the B-gals too and ask them. those are the ones who basically get a tan and wear darker make up, dress in hip hop-ish fashion and hairstyles. haha
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Update 2011/4/19 14:20
I went to Giorgio Armani Cosmetics in the Armani ginza tower yesterday, and they have make up for all shades. I bought ''Face Fabric second-skin nude makeup SPF 12.''

Its lovely, and my face feels velvety smooth. lol.

Im not sure how dark Armani makes their products but they keep stock of shades from 01-07 in Ginza. My body is 06 from the neck down, but my face is 07. hahah.

A friend went there with me she is light skinned and 05. typical Japanese are 01 or 02. So you should be able to use 06 or 07 if you are brown colored and not exactly a black 'light skinned golden' girl.

They also have Giorgio Armani Cosmetics in Isetan Shinjuku on the first floor.
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