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Dinner in Shinjuku Alone 2011/3/6 15:07

Where can I go for dinner alone in Shinjuku? I will be staying near the metropolitan gov't building and my Japanese is very minimal. I want something other than fast food by the way. Is izakaya good for solo diner?

Thank you,
by cik (guest)  

ramen, tsukemen 2011/3/7 01:38
ramen or tsukemen shops are probably the most delicious (though unhealthy) and it's perfectly OK to be alone.

other options include gyudon/donburi shops - you'll frequently see middle aged salarymen eating there alone at all hours of the day.

occasional shops like coco ichibanya curry are another place where it's OK to eat alone. delicious curry and cheap.

there are also family restaurants like saizeriya, royal host, gasuto, etc. where you can eat alone without shame!

basically any shop that has seats at a counter are normal to eat at alone.
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konbini 2011/3/7 06:34
Also if you feel like it there is the option of buying bento (lunch boxes) at any convenience store. They're fairly healthy (depending which ones you choose), have a good selection, quite cheap and they can even be warmed up for you. :-)
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from tokyo 2011/3/19 09:49
in japan, solo dinner is normal.
most casual restaurants have seat for solo dinner.

if you stay around, you are close to major big hotels. there, you will find menues written in english for expensive prices.

izakaya is fine for sole dinning, but im afraid that they have no english menue.

try to find any restaurants that show the photos of what they serve.
this will be a safe way to order what you want to eat without speaking japanese.
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Izakaya menus 2011/3/19 11:10
taka tsujii wrote:

izakaya is fine for sole dinning, but im afraid that they have no english menue.

Some (many?) of the izakaya chains either have separate English menus or menus that also include English, so I wouldn't worry too much.
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Izakayas with English menus 2011/3/23 14:47
Hi Dave, I'm glad to know that such Izakayas offer English Menus in Tokyo. Could you list some and possibly post their links? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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shinjuku 2011/3/26 15:55
There is a great Xian restaurant in Nishi Shinjuku

Chains like watami
have English and/ or picture menus.
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. 2011/3/26 21:15
Even without an English menu, there are usually a lot of photos to point at.
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Food in Shinjuku 2011/3/29 05:24
watami is a very safe bet for english speakers.

There's also a noodle place near near the Keio Plaza that I really recommend called Sangokuichi.

I've spent a lot of time in Shinjuku and documented a many of the places i've eaten. My Japanese is terrible, so they're all relatively english-friendly. a link to my map is below, ENJOY!

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