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Yoshinoya at Shinjuku 2011/3/6 22:31
Probably I will choose Yoshinoya as my daily foods while I stay at Shinjuku next month. But where is the store at Shinjuku? Is there any store near takashimaya shinjuku? Because as soon as I arrive at Shinjuku, I will go directly to Takashimaya and I will grab my lunch at Yoshinoya. Please help me, thanks. :)
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... 2011/3/7 08:55
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. 2011/3/9 15:02
Aside from Yoshinoya you should also give Matsuya a try as well. Matsuya is one of Yoshinoya's competitor chains. There are dozens all around Shinjuku (just like Yoshinoyas).

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gyudon 2011/3/11 15:12
I like Sukiya the best!
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YOSHINOYA 2011/3/12 13:31
devitad ,

Do not limit yourself to Yoshinoya. So many different type of Japanese foods you may want to try. if you visit Takashimaya, try the basement "food court". You will be surprised to find makanan murah dan enak.
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from tokyo 2011/3/19 09:39
there is KOSHUKAIDO, a wide street, between takashimaya and the shinjuku station,

takashimaya is located in the south of the station.

in the north side of the station, where they call HIGASHIGUCHI (east enterance), there more fastfood shop like yoshinoya.

the trail runs north-south.
you have to walk about 3mins. from south side of the station to north.
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