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Street Maps of Japan 2011/3/7 08:38

Does anyone knwo where I can find street maps of citys in Japan? I want paperback maps not maps that are online.
I also want a map which shows ALL the major roads in Japan but dosen't show the individual streets.
by Kazuki12  

... 2011/3/7 17:59
Have you considered a bookstore?

Or are you talking about buying maps somewhere else outside of Japan?

B. Slager
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. 2011/3/7 19:20
As you are in the UK you might want to try Stanfords:


The Reise Japan Pocket Atlas might be the nearest to what you are looking for, but I doubt you will find something for city maps outside the main tourist destinations:

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Thanks 2011/3/8 04:59
Yes! Thank you RobBeer thats exactly what I wanted! and I guess I will just have to print some stuff of google maps for anything thats outside the main tourist attractions.
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I can recommend 2011/3/8 09:12
Here's three I can recommend.

For a detailed map of Tokyo, you cannot beat the Tokyo City Atlas http://www.amazon.com/Tokyo-City-Atlas-Bilingual-Guide/dp/4770025033/r...

For road atlases of Japan I used Japan Atlas A Bilingual Guide http://www.amazon.com/Japan-Atlas-Bilingual-Guide-3rd/dp/4770031289/re...

As well as Road Atlas Japan http://www.amazon.com/Road-atlas-Japan-Hokkaido-only/dp/4398201041/ref...

That last atlas, though, is hard to find and I wound up ordering it from a place that specializes in atlases and maps from around the world.
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