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Marusan Hobby parts in Tokyo or Osaka? 2011/3/8 04:32

I am from Canada and I would like to buy a missing water cooling jacket part to complete a model boat. Unfortunately, I have searched through ebay and a lot of the Canadian stores and couldn't find the right part. However, I have came across that Marusan Hobby does have the part available on the website:


I will be visiting Tokyo in late March for 2 days and Osaka for 1 day. I was wondering if I can find this missing part somewhere within Tokyo, such as Akihabara. (I know they have all sort of hobbies shop around that area. However, I am not sure if it is easy to find steam boat parts, as it is not very popular as opposed to cars and helicopters.)

I have researched that the Marusan Hobby shop is quite out of the way (near Numazu station). So if there are stores within Tokyo that sells Marusan parts, then it will save me a lot of time within my short visit in Japan.

Unfortunately, I believe I cannot order this part online even though I will be staying in a hotel in Japan, as they might request a Japanese money order or Japanese visa card... Therefore, I believe my only option is to find the actual part in a shop. (I might be wrong though as I don't know how to read Japanese. However, I believe most Japanese online shop requires a Japanese address and/or credit card or money order to order stuff online.)

Thank you very much.

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... 2011/3/8 12:20
I have no idea about your specific questions but you may be able to order the part through some of the Hobby places in Japan. I know a lot of people use HobbyLink Japan, so I would contact them and ask them the question as they may be able to assist you. They do international shipping of hobby related goods all the time.

Good Luck!
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water cooling jacket 2011/3/8 13:57
Hi GC3 for your help.

My question was if there are some model shops in Tokyo or Osaka that sells boat model parts. I am finding the following part:


Unfortunately, I believe most Japanese online shops do require a Japanese address and/or Japanese credit card / money order. Therefore, I could not order the part and ship it to the hotel that I will be staying at.

Any suggestions where I could find these types of things in Tokyo / Osaka. The online shop is quite far away (around 1 hr ride each way just on the shinkansen from Tokyo) as I will only be staying in Tokyo for 2 days.

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