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Camera stores in Tokyo selling Canon 2011/3/9 11:52
Hi guys,

Had a bit of a search through the forums and the results were either a few years old or incomplete answers so just throwing this out here. I'm heading to Japan in a little over a weeks time and tossing up whether or not to try and pick up a Canon 28-135mm lens for ~AU$400 or try my luck in Tokyo. Brand new lenses would be preferable but happy to get second hand if the price difference is good.

So my question to the community is this; does anyone know the average price of this lens in Tokyo so I can decide whether to try my luck in Japan or just pick it up here. I am an Australian as this will probably factor into the equation as well. Also not interested in going the route of 3rd party lenses such as Sigma as I haven't had good luck with them.

Thanks for any input you guys can provide and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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canon 28-135mm 2011/3/9 12:27
Kakaku (an online directory of discounters) lists the lowest new price for about 52000 yen (roughly 620 AUD), so buying new won't likely fit within your budget. Used models are selling on auction for around 22000-25000 yen so you may be able to find it at used stores for right around your budgeted amount (which exchanges to about 32000 yen), but its a gamble. I'd recommend purchasing used at home before your trip, especially if you intend to use it while travelling.

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Canon lens 2011/3/9 18:37
Thanks for the reply. I've decided to just pick up the lens here in Australia, I've found a vendor who is selling the lens itself new for AU$340 which seems pretty competitive compared to JP. Now hopefully theres nothing that delays the lens as I fly out with the wife in 8 nights!
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fujiya 2011/3/9 20:30
guarantee you'll find it at fujiya (used) but you'll have to take into consideration the exchange rate and also may have to check back a few days in a row before you find one available for purchase (they don't always have every lens available used)
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