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Translating a store website... 2011/3/10 09:25
I have been looking for photography books on abandoned locations in Japan and finally found a few offered on this store website: Are You Ready To Say Goodbye, Mystery Zone, and SilentxRuins.

I used Google Translate to see if I could find out if the store website ships to the United States, but more than half of the page could not be translated.

Can anyone read this and tell me if the website ships to the United States, what forms of pay do they accept, how long it will take to ship, etc?

by Gwendolyn (guest)  

Translating 2011/3/10 10:52
Why didn't this page?

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Thank you GGR, but... 2011/3/10 13:16
Half of the text still does not appear in English. I did get the snippet about it not shipping internationally... so I guess I don't need to know the rest. :P
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