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Plus size clothing in Tokyo? 2011/3/10 16:11
I'll be going to Japan in April, and I was wondering if anybody knew about buying plus size clothing in Tokyo, excluding places like Uniqlo, The Gap, and so on.

I am 5'3'' (160cm), a US size 14-16, and wear a shirt size XL.

I have visited Japan before, and seen women just as big, if not, bigger than I am, and they certainly weren't naked. Any advice on where these ladies get their clothing would be greatly appreciated.
by Suris (guest)  

kind of helping? 2011/3/11 21:10
I know kind of where you're at. I myself am medium on top, but Large on the bottom. So sometimes the Japanese M/L fits and sometimes not.

To be honest when I went shopping if I didn't find it at an outlet like Don Quixote I usually just browsed shops to see if I fit.

Like America, not all stores carry plus sizes, but you won't know until you look.

I know even some stores at 109 (in any city) tend to carry plus sizes, except they can run pretty expensive. One of my good Japanese friends is a big girl so I asked her where she buys clothes.

She said she likes to shops at major shopping malls and most stores have plus sizes. She also goes to second-hand and outlets.
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You are not alone. 2011/3/12 08:41
I am a man and I didn't think I was that big especially in America. I am 6 feet tall and weight 225. I typically wear XL sized shirts. But the shirts I saw in Japan that said XL were more like a medium. SO does anybody know where a big man can buy big shirts. I only saw a few big guys that were my size but I didn't ask them about their clothes. So any suggestions, I am planning on visiting Japan again on my spring break.
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Thanks 2011/3/13 16:07
Thanks for the advice.

I had my friend ask his fiancee's friend, whose about my size, where she got her clothing at. Turns out she mostly buys hers online from Nissen, as well as from American stores such as Torrid.

I did find a shirt once in Shibuya 109 that fit me, so I may try there again. I'll also be checking all of the major shopping centers too.
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okii sizu 2011/3/14 03:40
A lot of larger department stores have what they call okii sizu (big size) clothing racks.
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I know of one in Nakano... 2011/3/15 22:18
If you head over to Nakano and go into Nakano Broadway, next to a cellphone shop on the left is a womens clothing store. On the second floor you will find 15-19 sizes of Japanese clothing for women as well as wide width knee high boots and formal wear. the stairs will have 15 17 19 printed on them as well. I believe the store's name is Covely.
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! 2011/3/16 16:43
Thank you so much Chinoda. I will be on the look out for that.
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Marui 2011/4/22 22:18
You might want to head to Lalaport Toyosu if you live in the Tokyo area. They have a GAP (which cares up to a 16 or 18, I think), a Zara (which in the UK does XL),

Here's a list of their stores:


Please also note big size is also called "queen size" at some stores.

Marui has a special store called "O Model" which does Japanese sizes 11 - 23. I'm a US 18 and I think I can fit into that range. You can find this at the shinjuku marui. Just look for the OIOI sign. See this PDF -- http://www.0101.co.jp/stores/language/pdf/st00098.pdf -- it says "Big sized total shop". (http://www.0101.co.jp/stores/language/en/index.html has a listing of all the marui stores)
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^_^ 2011/4/23 06:37
I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! for this information ^_^

I'm planning on moving to Tokyo in a bit and I've also had this issue. I hate buying clothes online and I didn't want to have to lug all of my clothing from home.

Again, thank you to all that have posted ^_^
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Nagoya 2011/5/15 10:51
Some of the stores that have been listed are in Nagoya, but I did not see any plus sizes there. I will look again, maybe I overlooked them. I was a US 20, but now am smaller because my Lane Bryant jeans are muuuuuch bigger on me. So now I don't know what size I wear and very hesitant about buying online for fear of the clothes not fitting and not being able to return them. Most stores in the US don't ship overseas.

Any ideas or suggestions.
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Perhaps ... 2011/5/18 10:47
Dr. Gaijin

You may not like it but it seems like the most logical thing to do; get a tape measure and measure yourself. I hate doing this but it is the most accurate way to figure out your size if you can't go into stores and find out that way ^_^

Congratulations on loosing weight!! :D
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Any children's plus size clothing? 2011/5/23 18:10
My 10 year old daughter is 140cm and 50kg. Are there any shops carrying plus size kids clothes?
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Big size clothes 2011/5/31 16:26
I would bring a couple of really nice shirts and a couple of good quality tee shirt from home rather than spend often frustrating time and money trying on clothes. You have a good range to choose from, know the prices and styles already. I sent myself clothes surface mail when I lived in Japan so I didn't have to lug them everywhere. My colleagues and I also ordered clothes online in brands and sizes that we knew like JC Penney, Sears, Rivers, Gap etc. It will depend if you planning to work wearing these clothes, or simply wear them around as to how "formal" they need to be, but good quality working wear in Japan is still very expensive and quite limited in choice for larger sizes such as the US 16-18. Even with the postage, it much significantly cheaper and generally a much better deal to shop at home before you come to Japan. You can always hold a 2nd hand sale on leaving and your good quality, large size clothes will vanish! Good luck.
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