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Shops in Harajuku/Palette Town 2011/3/11 11:33

I'm looking for the names of two shops in Tokyo.

I went there a little while back for a few weeks and loved it. So we're going back to Japan but this time to Osaka and Kyoto, and I'd like to go back to some shops, but I have no idea what they're called and so I can't look them up and see if there are any of the same shops in Osaka (or Kyoto).

(1) The thing is I bought these really awesome shorts but have since lost weight and now they are too big for me. But I really love them and would like to buy some new ones. They are both denim shorts -Here are some pics:

The shop I got them from was on the way from Harajuku station while walking to Takeshita Dori. It was a little underground (you did like a u-turn type thing and walked down - can't remember if there were stairs or a slope). They also sold prints shirts with totoro and cartoon things (like chickens, hamburgers) on them which were in the window, and overalls and bags and accessories and some second hand stuff. There was another shop just like it in the World Market part of Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro. I know they probably wouldnft sell them anymore, but Ifd still like to have another squiz for maybe something similar.

(2) This place in Palette Town, Odaiba:

A weird request, I know, but if anyone could give me any clues Ifd really appreciate it.
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THANK YOU! 2011/3/21 07:55
WOW. Those links look great! Thank you very very very much!!!!!!! :DDDD
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