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A quick recovery for Japan? 2011/3/14 04:50
How quick do you think Japan will recover? Someone else on this forum mentioned how New Orleans took years to recover after Hurricane Katrina... some places still haven't recovered and that happened in 2005!
by Maggie (guest)  

... 2011/3/14 11:39
nobody knows ,right know the siuation is not stable yet (a new hughe earthquake may come with probability of 70% in the next 3days and 50% until saturday..maybe around the Boso Plate,so it will affect mainly Chiba...but its only a prediction)...what it's sure is that the plate didn't released all the energy,so other quakes will come.

Then,about the nuclear plant still they dunno how will be the situation in the next days.....
then Japan has to save elecrticity so a lot of areas will have a short blackout(about 3-4 hours per day).....

Honestly i'm nervous and i cannot eat nor sleep well...because i dunno if my house will be ok after a new earthquake!and because i need to know how is going the situation of the nuclear plant....I live in Chiba and here the combini and supermarket are almost sold out of food and drinks becuse people are scared and buy everythin they may need in case of emergency...

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