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Contacting by hotmail 2011/3/14 23:44
My cousin lives near Tokyo and I am trying to reach her by th ehotmail address she last had. Does this or will this work with all that is going on? I am anxious to contact to be sure her and all my family are fine.
by fisheti (guest)  

.. 2011/3/15 12:21
If she still has the same hotmail address, then if course it will work!! Apart from scheduled power outages, and some trains not running, tokyo is still the same!!
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... 2011/3/15 13:55
I live in near Tokyo.
Parhaps not so damge aroud Tokyo.My hotmail address can be used normally.

Do you know the name of city where is your cousin live in ?
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Hotmail Japan? 2011/3/21 00:49
I have received error messages in emails sent to a hotmail account for a friend in Japan. Have others been successful in getting through?
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