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1000 Cranes 2011/3/18 05:25
Mere days before the earthquake I had begun the task of folding 1000 paper cranes, not really certain where I'd like to send them once the task was complete. In addition to monetary donations that have already been made, I have decided I would like to send my cranes to Japan as a symbol of my prayers and support. Will this gesture be received as appropriate and well-intended? And if so, what is the best address to send my cranes to? I will string them together before sending them off, as to make them more manageable to handle/hang.

Thank you for your advice and direction.

by GameAngel64  

... 2011/3/18 10:05
It will be appreciated as a nice gesture AFTER the worst is over. Right now all delivery resources are needed for essential emergency deliveries. Many countries have even stopped to accept regular mail to Japan because of that reason.
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... 2011/3/18 10:23

Thank you for your concern and prayers for Japan (not that I am in any position to thank on behalf of anyone, though...)

But to be blunt, money to buy food and supplies and to get them to the people in need is what's needed for those in the affected areas. And it is
extremely difficult currently to deliver even such daily necesities to them. They have no food, no fuel to keep warm, nothing. So... you could take the cranes to the Consulate General of Japan in Chicago as a gesture, and please donate what would have cost you in postage to Red Cross or other charitable organization so the money will really be put to good use. Sorry for such a practical response, but the reality in the affected Tohoku area is really dire.

(From someone in Tokyo, where there is food and fuel and almost everything)
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Thanks 2011/3/18 11:08
Thanks for your responses. I have already donated all that I can afford in cash, so please don't think this is my substitute for monetary aid, which I know is well-needed. It is merely a supplement.

Maybe by the time I have completed my project the situation will have changed enough that it won't be such an inconvenience to receive cranes as opposed to supplies, so I will worry about acquiring an appropriate address at that time.

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... 2011/3/18 11:29

Of course I cannot deny that I am quite shaken by what has happened, and feel a bit shaken by the tiny aftershocks in Tokyo (though I know it's something we have to live with) and the uncertainty about the nuclear power plant situation - it is comforting to know that someone is wishing to send their prayers over. Thank you.
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... 2011/3/18 12:28
You are very welcome. I will continue to keep you and all those affected in my thoughts.
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Yes! 2011/3/18 18:23

Yes! Your cranes will be appreciated. For now, try to contact both your local media and your local Japanese Embassy if not the Embassy of your country in Japan.

The media may be able to report that to Japan. We are beginning to see those sorts of encouragement each day on TV and the papers, and you don't know how heart-warming they are just to know that people are folding cranes overseas for us.

The Embassy can provide information on how, when and where you may actually send those cranes.

You can also upload images or footage on the internet or Tweet about it if you'd like. Poeple in Japan are viewing!

Thank you!
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Sell and donate the money? 2011/3/19 14:34
Perchance you could sell your cranes for $.50 each and send the proceeds to the Japan Red Cross or the NicoVideo fund?
A $500 donation would be a great gift to Japan, while still keeping the tradition intact, for the most part.
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LOVE IT! 2011/3/20 00:40
Shinden, I LOVE that idea. And I think people would be willing to spend at least $1 for one crane. I would like to write the name of each donor on the wings of the crane, string em together, and ship them off somewhere. I need to figure out the logistics of this idea, but again I LOVE it. I'll let you know what/if anything develops.
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Sell them yourself 2011/3/20 02:05

I think that what Shinden is trying to say, or at least what I would suggest, is to sell them by yourself. It would be a lot easier and responsible. You can record the process and send it as a message as you make the donation.
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... 2011/3/20 02:49
That is what I mean to say. I could make a facebook page (or similar), offer to fold a crane for each person who donates at least $1 through some sort of link/account I'll have to set up to get the funds to the Red Cross, and write the name of each donor on the wings of "their" crane.
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Nice 2011/3/20 23:26
Oh, cool idea, Elana. Thanks.
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Idea 2011/3/25 12:41
So here is where I've taken my idea, if anyone is interested. :)!/pages/The-1000-Cranes-Project/207933249232660
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Hope it sells! 2011/3/28 17:10
Thanks for your feedback. I love the description you wrote about it!
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