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Longing Father 2011/3/21 08:54
I was married to a Japanese national and we have a 12 year old daughter. We divorced about 10 years ago but communication with my daughter has been regular after the divorce (by email, airmail and phone). My daughter would send me and my family (my parents, my aunt and my grandmother) pictures, Christmas cards, and would phone me from time to time.
About 1 1/2 years ago, all the communication suddenly stopped.I never get replies from my emails and they seemed to have changed their landline phone number. What could be the reason for this? Could it be Japanese culture?- as I am guessing my ex-wife remarried though I am not sure.
Anybody with similar experienced?
Thank you very much.
by Will (guest)  

????? 2011/3/22 08:34
Anybody with similar experience? or has an idea of whats going on? I'm at a lost here...
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