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Vegetarian friendly restaurant, Shinjuku 2011/3/21 18:09

My hubby and I will arrive quite late in Shinjuku on April 17th. Probably around 10 pm. We are both veggie but dont mind fish. Can you recommend any places for us to eat AND for breakfast the next day?

by Justine Garrett (guest)  

Food in Shinjuku 2011/3/27 12:09
Shinjuku is my favorite ward to go to for dinner! There's about 20 restaurants per block (up to 8 stories of 'em)! I, too, prefer to eat light on the meat (I don't eat red meat at all) but I love fish so pretty much any Japanese restaurant will serve fish-based dishes. Fish (fishcake) is in everything, even Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and try the seafood pizza, too if you dare! Most of the restaurants in Tokyo have nice plastic displays out front so you can see the food before you even step in and you can order by number or simply pointing to the picture in the menu you like.

As for pure vegetarian....good luck. Some fellow gaijin asked me last time I was in Tokyo if I could recommend anything (I speak a passable amount of Japanese) but there's likely fish broth or cake in just about everything. The word 'vegetarian' is commonly used in Japan, but few restaurants make an effort to put such options on the menu.
I only saw one or two true 'vegetarian' restaurants and they tended to be in expensive shopping districts like Ginza with obvious English names.

But there's no harm in declaring you're "Saishokujyugisha desu, osusume wa nan desuka?" What do you recommend? Good luck!
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... 2011/3/28 08:00
Indian restaurants are very common and usually have a good selection of vegetarian dishes. For breakfast, lots of coffee shops offer cheap morning sets with coffee, toast, boiled egg, salad and so on.
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