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donate clothes in Saitama/Tokyo? 2011/3/22 10:59
Does anyone know any collection centers where we can donate clothes and goods for the Tsunami victims? I heard city halls were collecting things but looking on my towns website it looks like they're only collecting money.
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... 2011/3/22 12:46
Having checked on the Saitama Prefecture website, they seem to be collecting only food, water, blankets, and diapers. Saitama City website lists similar supplies (food, water, powdered milk/baby food, diapers, female sanitary supplies, toilet papers, masks, blankets, etc.) I think they will go in stages - not yet for clothes, which take a LOT of sorting and delivery work so clothes would have to wait until the "real" necessities get delivered first.
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tsunami, earthquake and power plant 2011/3/22 22:26

As AK suggested, I'm not sure if clothes are appreciated at this moment, but if there is a refugee camp near you, you might want to try going there yourself.

On the March 21 issue of Asahi Shinbun, there is a list of refugee camps for the victims of the Tohoku/Kanto disaster. I wonder where you are located. There are several camps in Saitama and Tokyo.

Today I walked to the one in my neighborhood in Yokohama, knowing they don't accept donations nor help. But as I walked in, avoiding meal time, a staff came out, so I told him I came (A) directly without avoiding traffic, (B) brought along un-used brand new items with tags on, (C) and wish to donate them on my own risk knowing my donation may not be used. He said that that was what they appreciate the most.

Keep in mind that volunteers will have to sort out the donated goods, which is the main reason they don't openly call out for donations yet, but they might welcome one or two visitors in their free time.

Otherwise, wait until your local City Hall or Ward Office announce something on their website. I'm sure they will when the time comes.
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...... 2011/3/23 14:37
The Tenri-co church in various Saitama areas are collecting and distributing used, clean or new clothes or food for the tsunami and quake families. The church elders/members sort and bundle and drive to appointed shelters on weekends.
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