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Things heard first 24 hrs (March 11-12) 2011/3/23 05:57
In the immediate aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, news accounts stated that Tokyo Tower appeared to be damaged and that a train was missing from the tracks. I never heard any more about these reports (although I have been following NHK World TV whenever I can). I see that Tokyo Tower has reopened, so if it was damaged it was not badly, I hope. I have seen video of several train cars accordianed and on their sides off the rails--is this the train that was ''missing'' or was there a train completely swept away? Also, have any figures been released as to the fatalities that can be attributed directly to the earthquake as opposed to those caused by the tsunami?
by wata geiru  

... 2011/3/23 09:20
- I believe that the tip of the Tokyo Tower was bent slightly - the antenna part - no no real damage to the structure, so it was no problem to re-open to the public.

- Trains missing - initially there were a few trains which the railway company could not reach, but they found them all, with passengers evacuated.

- No, I don't think there are separate fatality counts for earthquake and for tsunami - some fatalities in areas other than the worst affected area (like in Tokyo, where a roof/structure fell on someone) are clearly from the quake, but apart from that, how can you count them separately anyway?
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Tokyo Tower etc 2011/3/23 09:35
In the tsunami hit areas there was no time for body counts before the tsunami arrived (within about half an hour in most areas), so as AK says it's impossible for anyone to say who was killed by the earthquake and who by the tsunami.

Here is an article with a picture of the bent tip of Tokyo Tower:

After the earthquake I was wondering whether anything had happened to Sky Tree, but it seems to have been fine, which is good to hear- I think most people wondered what would happen to it in a decent-sized earthquake, and now we know!
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Thank you, AK and Sira 2011/3/23 10:21
Thanks for the information; Sira, the picture your provided made it very clear what was being described concerning Tokyo Tower.
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