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How Can I make myself look Japanese? 2011/3/23 10:38
Hello, My name is Aimi. (Japanese name...But absolutely NO Japanese heritage.) ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted to look more like a little Japanese girl. I am of hispanic and caucasian heritage. I look more hispanic. I have a big nose, and BIG, I mean HUGE eyes. And they're round. I try to make myself look Japanese, and instead of making myself look Japanese. I make myself look like one of their famous Anime girls. That's not what I want...And I really would appreciate if you didn't give me answers saying ''Be happy the way you are.'' and ect... because I just want help with this. This is my picture. If you can notice I have huge round eyes. I want more of an almond shape. file://localhost/Volumes/Student%20HD/Users/289415/Pictures/Photo%20Booth

This is how I'd like to look: See how her eyes are shaped differently? And her nose is tiny, her face is a little more heart shaped. And her eyes are a bit farther apart? I want to try to achieve that look. But without surgery. Thanks for reading!
by Aimi (guest)  

No pain no gain 2011/3/23 14:46

I wasn't able to view the image on your hard disk, but if you aren't willing to go for extensive surgery and your nose is too big to deaccentuate with concealer, I suppose the only way to achieve that really Japanese look is to get one of those anime masks used by cosplayers...
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realistically 2011/3/23 19:01
To change your appearance to that extent you would need either surgery or prosthetics like they use for actors in movies and which take hours to apply.

It's just not realistic to think you will be able to convincingly change your eye, nose and face shape with ordinary makeup I'm afraid.
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.. 2011/3/24 00:22
as you've been told yet,you can't change drastically your features without surgery.
But,the make up can make some differences...many japanese girls make up their eyes to look more western...and it works!!!!!sometimes i look at them and think:are they half,or foreigners???
look this photo

and this
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... 2011/3/24 00:24
i forgot to add that,as some japanese girls make their eyes look bigger and western-style,you can make your eyes look more almond shaped,with make up...
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Jp eyelid surgery 2011/3/24 01:34
Actually even Japanese girls go through some surgery in order to make their eyes look "bigger". The "anime" contact lenses and big eye lashes sometimes are just not enough. Most of them do a double-eye lid plastic surgery!Some of them work and some just go wrong!I have friends that have done it and even my husband(Japanese) has a friend that had a mishap with the procedure.
So, if you are not fully happy with ur make up results, im afraid, u will have to go to the extreme.
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Michelle Phan 2011/3/24 02:39
Michelle Phan has some excellent tutorials on how to achieve all kinds of looks with makeup. You may be interested in her "Bad Romance" tutorial that gave her anime eyes (however the final part of the effect is done with computer).

I think you can trick your eyes into a more almond appearance with some skillful false lash placement and makeup, however the best advice I can give you is to learn to love your own body and style. If you go for plastic surgery there will always be things you can find that you don't like and want to change, but if you learn to love your body and take good care of it you'll always be happy. Even most Japanese girls don't look like the girl you've linked. It's like putting up a picture of Mila Kunis and asking how you can look like her.

That said, there is nothing wrong with cosplay and dressing up, and I say go have some fun!

P.S. we can't see your photo because it's not online. Hopefully you still find some of this advice useful.
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Misa-Misa 2011/3/24 07:52
Also worth noting, this cosplay character is Misa-Misa from Death Note. If you like her look maybe you could look into getting cosplay items from this character's collection.
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Try this 2011/3/25 06:59
Hi! Take a look here:

She's a girl who's went to Japan a few times and also dresses the Japanese fashion. She also works on makeup and stuff like colored contacts used by Japanese gals.
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Other 2011/3/25 07:11
Didn't know if you could see that other link to Michelle Phan's tutorial so I found it on youtube

She wears four fake lash strips on each eye to shape the eye into the shape she wants.

This one is to look like sailor moon, but she tries to minimize her nose size so check it out .. make up can do a lot of fantastic stuff :

Remember to have fun :)
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What about fashion? 2011/3/25 20:49
How about trying other things to make yourself look more Japanese besides your eyes? The makeup tips suggested are great but there's only so much you can do. I know how you feel and slowly have tried to conform to the cuteness in this culture. What's popular at the moment= bangs with a bob, leggings with ankle boots, flouncy skirts, jackets with victorian style buttons, etc. I would suggest going more toward the fashion side than the fake makeup side...
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... 2011/4/28 16:10
I'll never understand Westerners' obsession with wanting to look Japanese. Unless you undergo a lot of cosmetic surgery, you won't ever look like someone of another ethnicity. You'll just look like a try-hard.

And the girl in the photo you posted up is cosplaying a fictional character. It is highly doubtful she looks like that in everyday life. You'd be surprised how many cosplayers look without their wigs, their makeup and their elaborate outfits.
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. 2011/4/28 20:12
Aimi: you say that you want to look Japanese but you don't want to look like an anime girl... and after that, you show a picture of how you'd like to look, and that picture is of a cosplay girl... are you serious? or you just don't know anything about cosplay style and think that Japanese girls actually look like that?
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... 2011/4/28 21:35
Nice troll.
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haha 2011/4/28 22:11
lol indeed... she doesn't want to look like an anime girl but she wants to look like an anime cosplay girl.

aimi, can you guess what type of character is the girl on the picture trying to look like? yeah! an anime girl! with big rounded eyes by the way!

you would change your mind if you could have the chance of visiting Japan... your Japanese friends (especially girls) would admire you ;) the girls over here love the kind of eyes that you seem to have.
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yeah well 2011/4/29 06:52
the grass is always greener at the other side of the hill
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I'm not going to lie... 2011/4/29 10:56
I'm not going to lie...the girls in the pictures you posted look ridiculous. Why? Because they are playing a character!

If somebody looked like that in their daily life, they would get weird looks from people. Especially if they were pulling permanent-duck-face. It's not a natural look. It's the equivalent of somebody dressing as Superman and walking around America like that every day.

Have you ever been to Japan? The majority of people don't look like the girls you posted. Not unless you're hanging around a cosplay convention or Harajuku area.

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. 2011/4/29 15:02
"It's the equivalent of somebody dressing as Superman and walking around America like that every day."

that comment just made my day.. haha
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. 2011/4/29 23:36
You can't change your ethnicty, no amount of surgery can do that, you better deal with it.
I wish I was a natural blue eyed blonde, but there is nothing I can do about that. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
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. 2011/4/30 11:08
well Mj changed his ethnicity. im sure she can change hers if she has money...
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