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Buy cool wallpaper, flower seeds? 2011/3/25 01:45
Hi, Everybody! I am travelling ot Tokyo/Kyoto/Nara on 12th-19th of April. Would like to buy some cool style Japanese wall paper, not necessarily colourful scenery etc, I want it for my living room, bedroom. Any suggestions please?

Also, will I be able to buy + take out from the country some bansai seeds, red maple tree seeds, some nice flower seeds? Where at to buy them please? thank you
by ManekiNeko17  

No real wallpaper culture 2011/3/26 16:43

Japan doesn't really have a big "wallpaper" culture. Wallpaper wasn't used in traditional houses, and in modern houses things like plain white is used just to cover the ugly construction. Another thing is that the wallpaper you get here may not suit the climate of your country.

But if you insist, wallpaper is commonly sold at what we call "home-center"s which are DIY shops located mainly in the suburbs. Ask your hotel for details on the nearest one.

As for seeds, I'm not really sure if you want to bring seeds "from" your country or "to" your country, but either way, ask customs. Or your airline may have that kind of information. Also, I don't know what "bansai" is, but if you happen to mean "bonsai", there are no special seeds for them. In other words, there are no seeds that automatically grow into those tiny forms of art that take ages of care. By the way, I don't think you are allowed to bring in/out plants with soil on it.
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thank you 2011/3/28 19:20
Dear Uco, thanks greatly. I meant buying seeds in Japan & bringing them to my home country. Thank you
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