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Buying Japanese furniture 2011/3/25 09:17

I'm interested in buying beautiful, high-end Japanese-styled furniture.

I've heard that Mr.Chuzo Tozawa iŒห‘๒’‰‘ jof Hinoki Kogei company produces beautiful furniture. Just wondering:

. Does this company have a website?

. Where could I buy their products?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards.


re 2011/3/26 00:12
Hi Linh
I googling him name and company, this is result;

they have no website on internet, but this article introduce and interview about Hinoki Kogei.

you can see "report" thumbnails of middle of page, and last panel says email address and phone number.
all products are made to order, and I don't know they are understand English well or not.

***my Engrish is broken because I am japanese and was not try harder to English classes ;( sorry***
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Thank you. 2011/3/26 09:04
Hi minami1983,

Thank you so, so much for your reply. It's a great help.

I've used the Google Language to translate the website info in Japanese to English. So, I've understood the website info quite Ok.

I'm from Australia and very interested in the Japanese cultures. I had a great time and a memorable 2-week- holiday in Japan in 2005. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to go back there one day.

By the way, your English is pretty good! :)

Again, thanks heaps, minami1983.

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re2 2011/3/26 20:14
I glad to your praise me.
few minutes ago I sent email to Hinoki Kogei with questions below;

My Aussie friend want to Mr.Tozawa's furniture.
Please answer me some questions below.
1)Could you deal with English by only email?
2)If Q1 is OK, Could you follow about his Questions/Order/Shipping etc by only email?
3)If Q2 is No, Could you deal with him in your factory directly?

I'll tell you theirs reply when they answer me.
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Thanks 2011/3/28 08:10
Thank you, minami1983.

Let me know if you hear from them.
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answers 2011/3/29 17:16
Yesterday I got answers.

1.We can understand English mail a little, but please translate to send if possible.
2.You can offer to us only email, and you need a plan, drawing, measure numbers.
3.Welcome if you coming! Very good way to make your own products when you visit to our factory.

In the past, we have been receptive to Danish people, and we export products to foreign countries.

So I think you need good translator and CAD design or visit to Japan.

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Thank you! 2011/4/1 11:13
Hi minami1983,
Sorry for my late reply. I was not able to access my internet in the last few days.

Thank you for those info from the furniture company. When the time comes to build my new house and to furnish it, it will contact the company. May be then, I'll need a Japanese translator, I might have to seek your help also :)

Thank you very much for all your help, minami1983.

Best regards!

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