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student letters to quake victims 2011/3/25 15:20
I work at a school in the US and the students at my school want to not only donate monetary support to Japan relief but would also like to write letters to students in affected or nearby affected areas. (Fukushima/Sendai/Miyagi?) Is there an agency/school I can contact. Or perhaps someone in this forum knows/works at one of these schools?
I estimate we will send approximately 300-500 letters and cards if we find a school to forward these to. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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UNICEF or Embassy? 2011/3/25 18:48
One of the first things that came to my mind was UNICEF.

A quick internet search does tell us about many children around the world wanting to write or already actually writing letters to the children who have suffered the March 11th disaster in Japan. However, I can't find any info about where they are sending them to, and I also have the impression that things aren't yet organized. In other words, there are people moving from one camp to another and it may be difficult to pinpoint how you can contact "students" in general, especially because it is now spring vacation at schools in Japan.

But at least organizations like UNICEF are delivering supplies mainly for children, so perhaps you can get advise by contacting a UNICEF near you. Or you might want to contact your local Japanese Embassy for advise.

Also, school teachers have been working hard to contact all their students, so if you wish to pinpoint an area, such as your sister city perhaps, you can contact some schools via its municiple.

If you ever find a good solution, you should post it here so that others with similar wishes can see.
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Contact found 2011/3/29 05:37
I found this FB page that I think we'll try.
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