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When will they turn on the Neon lights? 2011/3/26 13:31
The main reason for my Tokyo trip is for an photography assignment. I am mostly there to take city shots which includes the famous neon lights that Tokyo is known for.

I heard that the lights have been off everynight since the earthquake. Does anyone have any idea how long this will last. If the lights are still off by the time I am due to travel, I will probably have to cancel and change my assignment. These photos are for a travel magazine and I am concern that i wont be able to capture tokyo in all its glory.
by aiimee  

months at the least 2011/3/26 14:48
There is already talk of the power shortages most likely lasting right through summer- the longest term I have heard mentioned is a year or more. As I'm sure you realise, TEPCO have lost a large amount of their electricity generating ability because of the damage, and with the reactors not even stable yet they definitely aren't going to be able to build new power plants any time soon.

With the very low levels of lighting inside shops, train stations and even hospitals right now I'd say you can be pretty sure that neon advertising will be the very last thing to be turned on again, so you will probably be waiting quite some time to get your photos.

You don't say when you were planning to travel, but if it is any time in the next few weeks you are definitely not going to get the shots you want I'm afraid.
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travel dates 2011/3/26 15:02
btw my travel dates are April 21-may 1st.
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... 2011/3/26 15:25
chances that the neon lights will be back on by then are close to zero...
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. 2011/3/26 16:48

I'm sure you realize that it is one of the very rare opportunities where you get to take photos of Tokyo without its neon lights, attractive in its own way, but I suppose the magazine have given you specific orders.
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Tokyo 2011/3/27 04:03
As a frequent reader of travel magazines I am much more interested in photos of a town during the day, than photos of its neon lights...

We all have seen so many photos of the lights in New York, Tokyo, London, Las Vegas etc. etc. that they are now a horrible cliche..B-O-R-I-N-G

What I want to see are photos of places and things one seldom see in most magazines.
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Come to think of it, it IS important 2011/3/27 10:03
It's nosy me again. I used to work in the travel industry, and I also think that travel journalism is supposed to update travelers.

Unfortunately, Tokyo is not scheduled to regain its ''neon glory'' for at least months. If the magazine is aiming to inform readers planning to travel in the recent months, I feel that it's their duty to show photos implying that Tokyo can still be attractive to travelers even when they're saving energy.

In this critical situation, Tokyo will be needing tourists to spend their money here and bringing in their fresh breeze, and it would be ideal if the tourists are those who can accept and contribute to this critical save-energy movement.

I'm going to another benefit concert today and this one's in Tokyo. The soul band is doing it daytime and acoustic. In fact, a lot of younger locals genuinely feel that the toning down of electricity is quite comfy. It had always been too bright and noisy for many of us.

I really hope you do come to take photos here.
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Good idea 2011/3/27 19:31
Your right, I am positive that I'll be able to capture the beauty of Tokyo even without the gleaming bright lights. At least I hope! Hopefully I'll be able to show people Tokyo is still an amazing city and tourists will want to come back!
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photos 2011/3/27 21:58
Great attitude Aiimee- I'm sure you'll get some good shots. It's definitely a chance to document a kind of unique time in Tokyo, and people might get to see through them that life is going on here regardless. I hope you enjoy your trip :-)
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just wanted to add... 2011/3/28 18:03
Aimee, while I understand your intentions for your photography assignment however, please keep in mind that there is much more critical issues that are surrounding Tokyo at the moment than turning back on the lights.

I think people in Tokyo have more serious issues on their minds at this point in time. Hope you'll understand. :-)

It sounds like an interesting assignment, I'm sure you'll have a great time in Tokyo. Visually speaking, Tokyo is very inspiring!
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