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Address with No Postal Code 2011/3/27 10:28
I have a 1995 address from a return address on an envelope and I want to make sure it is correct. Trying to check on a former exchange student post earthquake:

111111 Fukumitu
Nagara, Gifu

I guess the postal code is missing and I'm concerned it won't go through... I tried a few lookup services and it looks like the address should be:

111111 Nagarafukumitsu, Gifu-shi,

Is this correct??
by Bristow (guest)  

correct 2011/3/27 22:02

Assuming that you're just making up the "111111" part for anonymity, yes,
xxxxxx Nagarafukumitsu,
Gifu-shi, Gifu-ken 502-0817

Postal codes are no big deal. Letters will be delivered whether you write the code or not.

By the way, Gifu have not been accected by disasters for a very long time.
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Four digit number 2011/3/28 00:16
So would it be normal to have a 4 digit number? like XXXX?
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. 2011/3/28 02:30
Is it four digits like x-xx-x or something with dashes in it?
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No dashes 2011/3/28 02:43
Nope, just a four digit number with no dashes. Her parents lived in a single family home, which I know is rare. She may as well.
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Just to add 2011/3/28 08:28
I've just checked the numbering for Nagara fukumitsu on yahoo! map, and the numbering starts with 1 and goes right up to 2941, just like that, with no dashes, so that type of numbering must be normal in that area.
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