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Chinese herbs shop? 2011/3/28 23:28
Would appreciate links/addresses to good moderate pricing chinese traditional medicine shops in Tokyo center or close to Uena park? Also, any good accupuncturist in Tokyo + Kyoto, thank you
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... 2011/3/29 18:18
Chinese mediciine "shops" are (in my mind) more like doctors - they listen to your complaints, look at your tongue (that tells them a lot about how your body is working), etc., and they mix medicines according to your conditions. These medicines are meant to be taken over a rather long-term - at least three months for any change to occur, and then you would need to continue taking the medicine for months to come. So... I don't know if that really is the right stuff if you are visiting, but I know this one to be good:


This branch is in Shinjuku, located inside the Keio Department store. For consultation it is best to book ahead.
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thanks 2011/3/29 21:44
Dear AK, thanks immensely, yes, I am already being treated by a TCM practitionist at my home country, but wanted to also check ones in Tokyo. Any idea on the price for 1 visit ? thank you again
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... 2011/3/29 21:55
So you are familiar with Chinese herbal medicine :)

I should have said that you get diagnosed by pharmacists trained in Chinese medicine - the one I go to (a branch of the above) charge me 16,000 yen or so for a month's supply of their medicine in granulated powder form (you can get it in herbal teabag form as well, if you are at home and can brew tea often). So it is not inexpensive.

There are some over-the-counter, mild version of those sold by Kracie - they are available as "health supplements" at drugstores. Here you can choose by: cold symptoms, pain, stomach problem, high blood pressure, skin trouble, etc., etc.

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Chinese herbalists 2011/3/30 08:57
At Saitama, there is a capable Chinese specialist. By her tone, she has decades of experience; by her sight in skin tone, bone formation, she can indicate the weakness accurately before my x-ray results. She speaks Mandarin and Japanese. The clinic charges her services at minimal rate, available only Tuesday mornings. Her prescriptions are extremely precise and she is an effective listener to each case history and causes.

I recommend her services rather than going to generic Chinese herbalists.

1. I have been to many Chinese well known practitioners in various countries for a couple decades. Depending on the experience, most treatments in acupuncture are effective yet slow and takes years for enduring results. Inexperienced acupuncturists can cause pain without healing.

2. Generally in chronic or mild cases, herbal remedies should not be taken on a lengthy, regular basis. Blends should be changed according to seasons, body changes or toxic reactions. Over the counter, the assistants will sell you what they think you need at that moment, care less of results.

3. Initially, a capable Chinese practitioner will prescribe concoctions by week and observes results to change/keep the combination after each visit depending on patient's body responses.

Good luck!
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thank you 2011/4/10 01:08
Thank you everybody! Appreciate your help!
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