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What to donate? 2011/3/30 02:45
Hello All,

I will arrive in Japan in the 3th of April and I would like to donate to the disaster relief fund. But I'm not sure what to take, besides a some dollars.
Can anyone give me some advice?

Thank you all
by Mactec  

... 2011/3/30 07:44
By coming to Japan, you are making a great donation to the country, already. Many tourist related businesses, especially the smaller independent ones, are suffering badly under the crisis.

As for the direct victims of the catastrophe, money is the best way of support. I don't think there is a shortage of goods and food anymore (the only challenge is efficient distribution).
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Pleasure 2011/3/30 08:29
Thank you very much for you answer. It will be my pleasure be in Japan, especially if by being there, I will contribute to the country!!!!

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NHK World suggests 2011/3/30 14:06
This is a short message posted by NHK World (Japanese news service):

Basically it is the Japanese Red Cross, plus othes, forming a fund.
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. 2011/3/30 17:59

I agree with the others when they say money is best. Needs change very rapidly, so it's hard to predict what items will be needed next week anyway.

But may I just add that it would be totally misleading to say that there is no shortage of goods and food anymore. A lot of things are short, but the reason is that those things are not transported to the right area or people. Also, while websites of organizations say that they are not accepting goods any more, I do notice some non-profit groups looking for manufacturers to provide underwear in bulk amount.

But again, it is hard to predict what a visitor can donate next week. Try contacting NGOs directly if you have plans to bring in bulk material.
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Than you! 2011/3/30 23:28
Thank you all for the helpful answers! I will keep an eye if there is any thing else that I can do to help.

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donate clothes 2011/4/4 08:21
I'm moving away and would like to donate clothes and other things. However, I live in Sano, Tochigi. Where and to whom can I donate these things?
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to UreshiiMiko 2011/4/4 09:57
According to the website of Sano-city, they had been accepting the things (not sure whether the cloths were included) until 31st March.
There might be second program, you can make inquiries with them:
sόہEόsi db0283-27-3012
sЊQ΍{ db0283-27-3011

Tochigi-prefecture so far accepts only donations.

To sell the clothes at the 2nd hand shops in your area and donate the money is another possible option. :)
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