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Rilakkuma Store in Tokyo Station? 2011/4/1 05:02
Does anyone know if the Rilakkuma shop in Tokyo Station is closing? My girlfriend is a HUGE fan and this was a stop she was really excited about, but now I'm seeing things online that are worrysome. Of course, I'm reading translations... so it's all very confusing.

Can anyone who reads Japanese tell me what these notices are talking about? Something is happening April 1-10, but I'm not sure what.




Thank you so much!
by Patrick (guest)  

re 2011/4/3 12:37
Tokyo Rilakkuma Store was temporary closed at Jan 10.
Now specified open in April 1-10.

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... 2011/4/3 12:50
The website says that Rirakkuma Store Tokyo Station shop is temporary closed since Jan. 10th, 2011, until May, because of the renovation/construction work going on at Tokyo station.

So they are operating only on a temporary basis (at a slightly different location) for limited periods. Now they are open Apr. 1st - 10th. They say they open their temporary limited-time shop for about ten days each month until May. You will need to wait to see when they will be fully back in operation.
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:( 2011/4/4 01:24
Thank you both for your help! The news isn't good... just like I feared :( The 10 days the store is open in April are some of the only days we WON'T be in Japan.
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Also... 2011/4/4 01:28
Does anyone know of another Rilakkuma store in the Tokyo area (or not too far out of Tokyo) that is open?

Or does anyone know if they have a decent Rilakkuma selection at Kiddy Land in Harajuku?
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... 2011/4/4 15:39

There seems to be another Rirakkuma Store, in Kichijojji. which is about 15 - 20 minutes to the west on JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku. Kichijoji store isi shown in the map at the bottom. You go out from the north exit of Kichijoji station, and there seems to be a building complex called "Kopis Kichijoji," and this store is on the 6th floor of "Building A, Kopis Kichijoji." A 2-minute walk from the station.
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... 2011/4/4 15:42
Whoops, the proper spelling for the name of the shopping complex was Coppice Kichijoji.

And Rirakkuma goods are sold at "Chara Park Kichijoji" on the 6th floor of Building A.

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Thank you! 2011/4/5 01:17
Thanks for the info & links, AK! If we have time, we might try to head over there and check it out :)
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... 2011/5/1 01:47
Maybe arriving a little late for this; but in case you miss the RIlakkuma store thereLs a huge Rilakkuma selection at Kiddy Land Omotesando.
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Yes! 2011/5/5 11:47
Yes! We visited Kiddy Land when in Harajuku and my girlfriend got her fill of Rilakkuma (and bought quite a bit)... a very nice selection of stuff! We didn't even bother trying to go to the official store after that.

Thanks for your response :)
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Do visit Coppice 2011/6/20 00:09
Do visit the Rilakkuma store in Kichijoji as it does as exclusive merchandise and has a huge variety just like the first store in Tokyo. As for Kiddy Land in Harajuku, I have recently visited the relocated store which seems downsized and doesnt offer the full range of items.
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