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Wanting to help Japan 2011/4/1 13:01
Hi there
first of all I would like to say japan guide is a awesome communauty, very helpful and moderate! other websites are so into the hype of sensationalism and japan guide is so down to earth, thanks for that.

I have been thinking about going or cancelling but after I read all those comments, I came up with the idea of still going. I wil be there for 3 weeks from April 7 to April 29.

I would like to help Japan by bringing stuff they might need, I heard there is a shortage of diapers and other stuff, do you know how I could help? any organisation willing to accept stuff I would bring?

Thanks again!!
by Gilbert (guest)  

. 2011/4/2 12:40

Thank you for your consideration. May I ask you the purpose of your coming to Japan, what cities you are visiting and how many diapers you are planning to bring?

If you're just coming for sightseeing or can only bring one or two packs of diapers instead of 50 boxes, it's absolutely not worth bringing them. It's not that Japan as a whole is suffering shortage. It's the disaster areas suffering the shortage, and this is because of transportation and shipping inconveniences.

Also, items that are short vary and change rapidly. For example, on a March 31st issue of a newspaper, it says that one area is looking for underwear and gloves as of the 29th, while another area is seeking spices and water as of the 27th. Among two dozen areas that are listed on this newspaper, only two are seeking diapers. Plus, all this information will change the next day as the supplies will be brought in by the people who read this notice. Therefore, suppliers are encouraged to check in advance as they send the supplies out.

One thing that will definately be short in Japan are batteries and maybe fresh underwear. This is because the northern half of Japan is sure to lack electricity supply and because in the disaster areas a lot of people are still having difficulties washing themselves.

So if you have an extra space in your suitcase, you might want to squeeze in some batteries and unopened packs of underwear. Then, once you get to Japan, you might have a chance to donate them but you might not. It also depends on the area you are staying, as items being collected differ depending on the municipal or NPO branch.

Otherwise, contact your favorite NPO for more details on donating items in bulk amounts.

By the way, the best way for a tourist to contribute is to spend your foreign currency for whatever you find fun here, consume whatever northen food that is legally sold and to spread your smiles. There are also cash donation boxes all over Japan.
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batteries indeed 2011/4/3 23:20
hi Uco
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Let me first reply your question. I planned to travel in Japan months ago and after the disaster, I did not want to cancel and I sticked to my first plan and I obviously checked news and also what was really going on thanks to these forums where insiders are.

I heard indeed that batteries were needed last week.
I try my best to bring along useful stuff and I will listen to your advice and find some NPO and ask for any necessary help.
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Second harvest japan 2011/4/4 12:36
for those interested, I found Second harvest japan's list of things we can send them once we arrive in Japan


Items We Need:

* Food & Beverage (MUST be unexpired): rice, canned items, retort-pouch food, food for elderly people, baby formula and baby food
* Items for Baby & Elderly People (MUST be unopened): baby diapers and adult diapers
* Items for Soup Kitchen(MUST be unused): paper plates, paper cups, plastic spoons, plastic forks, chopsticks and saran wraps
* Other (MUST be unused): brand-new underwear, wet wipes, masks, shampoo that does not require water, towel, portable gas stove and portable gas


Send to:
Second Harvest Japan Disaster Relief Food Drive
Mizuta bldg 1F Asakusabashi 4-5-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-3838-3827

Open hours:
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