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Osaka inquiry 2011/4/1 21:11
Hey guys! I'll be going to Osaka in June and would like to try some authentic Kobe beef. Any restaurant recommendation? My budget is around 250-400 USD for 2 pax, preferrably not anything uptight so no need to dress up. Please let me know how to get there also by train. I'll be staying in New Hankyu in Umeda. Thanks y'all!

by Rose Gonong (guest)  

I went to a... 2011/4/4 14:48
Kagura Steak House in Kobe! I think :S
It was just on Friday you think I should be able to rememeber!

Look it up.

bout 17,000 yen for 180gms of steak and a full course thing.

So look that up on the net :)
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re: 2011/4/4 22:38
^Thanks for the suggestion but I would prefer a restaurant around Osaka :) I'm sure there are better choices in Kobe but I don't have time to make my way there. Would appreciate more suggestions, thanks guys!

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Kobe beef 2011/4/6 12:52
Went to wa-gou link- a few months ago.

Be aware they add a charge for the table?or something. Maybe 1000yen.

My rating-not bad, but maybe not the best.You have to try it out and see.
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Thanks 2011/4/11 11:53
Good Post, thanks for sharing it with us.
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kobe beef 2011/4/11 18:17
since you are looking for a less uptight place,the following are a few restaurants you can look up:
1.Bubutei (Takoyaki).Ph: 06-6373-3563
This small shop serves takoyaki and akashiyaki (the Kobe-style version of the dish)
2.Rio (Griddle cuisine):

these two places will easily fit in the budget you mentioned and also the dress code is casual.
hope this helps you!
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